The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

Here we are, just a day late (and a few weeks, ok, ok)…

Now that summer is here, the Mousetraps have been devising ways of staying cool during the mid-afternoon heat. The other day, sitting in Mouse’s backyard in the shade drinking lemonade, the girls were already wishing for cooler weather and precipitation. Or at least a swimming pool. “Trap, I wish there was some way we could make it winter for a day,” Mouse said rubbing sunscreen on her nose. “I do, too. A little bit of snow would make this day more bearable. Plus, I miss wearing my hat,” Trap replied. Suddenly Mouse jumped up and ran inside. When she returned she had a handful of glitter and some other supplies. Trap gave her a look and asked, “What’s with the glitter?” Excitedly, Mouse tossed the glitter into the air and said, “We’re going to make it snow!”

(What better way to create your own little piece of winter (or any other fantasy land) than with a homemade snowglobe? Any theme will do. For the example included, Mouse got crafty and created a pirate’s delight complete with treasure. Aaaarrrrrrgh!)

*We recommend listening to the new Modest Mouse album “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.” With it’s nautical theme and signature Modest Mouse twang, it’ll be sure to get you thinking of the high seas, pirate ships, and other ways to cool off in the middle of summer.


Time: about 20 minutes

Supplies Needed: 1 empty jar, water, super glue, glitter, and objects to put in your snowglobe

1. Thoroughly clean, rinse, and dry your jar. If the jar has a label on it, remove the label and its adhesive (use Goof-off if it gives you trouble).
2. Determine where you want your objects in the snowglobe, and glue them onto the inside of the jar lid. Make sure you leave enough room at the edges for the lid to be able to screw back onto the jar.
3. Let the glue dry completely (usually takes about 10 minutes).
4. Fill the jar with water (leave enough room for the objects to fit in without spilling) and a dollop of glitter.
5. Screw the lid onto the jar, and glue the edges of the lid closed to seal it up.
6. Gently turn the jar upside-down and then back up to watch the snow (glitter) fall. Don’t shake the snowglobe!! That creates evil bubbles that you can’t get out.