Sound and Fury: DIY Hardcore Punk, Radical Politics, and Grassroots Activism.

Sound and Fury: DIY Hardcore Punk, Radical Politics, and Grassroots Activism.

Well, the school year has found its end and Rainshadow students scurry off into the sunset to enjoy their summer. This is going to be the first summer in about 4 years that I’m actually sticking around Reno for most of the time. No punk band tours, no extended travelling plans, nope, I’ll be in Reno working on a lot of community projects and getting ready for my son to be born! I’m so excited.

The Great Basin Community Food Co-op and Sound and Fury Records have been remodelling this past week and things are looking better than ever! Come by our Grand Re-opening celebration this Saturday the 16th from 10am til 6pm at 271 Wonder St.

Sound and Fury’s new zine compiled by Jim Williams is now finished and had been sent to print! It includes articles on local artists, powerviolence, capitalism, as well as book, music, and show reviews. It will be available at Sound and Fury at our Grand Re-Opening fiesta this Saturday. Be there to get one. Always free. Always DIY.

At Sound and Fury Records, local activist and all around good-guy Ryan Stark has been curating monthly art exhibits that have showcased Reno’ local talent. He writes in the new zine about these art shows…

Sound & Fury Art Shows
By Ryan Stark

You might have noticed that there have been a few more interesting things on the walls of Sound and Fury. As a counter culture community space it only made sense to us to start using those walls for local art. No matter how cool the posters are for the great bands that we get in, art and expression must always come before a piece of advertising. This town is busting at the seems with more artists than there are venues and we wanted to bare some of the load. I thought it would be a good idea to switch it up once a month or so to keep things moving. I have never liked the “in the background” vibe that I get a lot when I go into businesses that have art up as more of a nice background to watch while you wait for your coffee, breakfast or account balance. There’s always a bunch of paintings and each one is painted by a different person and one never really has the chance to understand what they were trying to convey because they are being assaulted by so many other artists vibes that it winds up being too much to take in with too little follow through. So for the Sound and Fury art shows will feature one artist every month and the artist can put up whatever they’d like on the walls. We started off with Amelia Nickol and her odd eerie paintings of multi headed people and intimate character studies. After that month Sound and Fury featured the photography of Shane Forster. That show was more of a concept show with each photo dealing specifically with bicycles and bike riders. After that was Erin Litterer with her punk influenced paintings and collages. Up next is Caedron Burchfield (Whose image appears on the cover of this issue) with his propagandistic exhalations of the epic and the mundane. If the walls can talk? You’ll have a hard time getting them to shut up. To book a show at Sound and Fury send an email to