Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Packages

I’m not feeling very verbose today-maybe it’s the sun–but I do have some good favorites for you. Again, we may have to do it in list form, because one item is not championing over the others for a coveted highlight, so we’ll have to go with a few featured items, rather than one again. I must say though, I’m ready for a new favorite thing–or even an old forgotten one–to sweep me off my feet. Until then, here we go.

Honeysuckle! Maybe it reminds me of being a kid, my old house used be surrounded by the stuff and my sister and I would spend hours picking the flowers, cracking them open, and sucking the dew from inside. We’d always shout if we got a particularly juicy one. It’s not supposed to sound dirty, but it kinda does. Slurping the dew? Licking the liquid? It’s not getting better I fear. Honeysuckle bushes smell wonderful, and in 10th grade I bought some sort of Honeysuckle perfume spray from Bath and Body Works–it lasted quite a while. In fact, it lived in my glove box of my car until one day it exploded from heat, permanently staining and perfume-ifying my registration, my car manual, and everything else I kept in there. It seeped out into the car itself and lasted for a good year afterward. If you open the glove box today, you can still smell it. Now, because I am a mad scientist, I’ve been drying flowers and making potpourri–and my essential oil of choice, of course, is honeysuckle. So there you go.

Today marked the opening of the Farmers Market, and I couldn’t be happier. I like to create summer rituals of marketing and picking out cheeses and veggies for the rest of the weekend–makes me feel somehow like the bohemian gypsy I wish I really was. Anyway, I have to say though I do like cherrries, I like cherry tomatoes more, and I look forward to more offerings as the summer progresses.

This may be a terrible thing to say, but I’m not feeling very inspired by new music right now, and am turning to some old (old-ish) gems to keep me feeling alive. In that vein, I’ll give a special Brown Paper Packages shout out this week to Leonard Cohen and Al Green. Those dudes tell it like it is.

Below are my two favorite internet-related things of the week. A cool camouflage house, and an art exhibit by Stefan Sagmester.