Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Packages

Oh my, it’s been such a long while since I brought you any favorite things, I do hope you’ve missed me. So. In order to ease back into it, I think I’ll talk about a few things that are floating around on my latest favorites list.

If you have some spare minutes, and want to have some Mad-Lib style fun, check out the band bio generator, as created by my wonderful friend Kate’s star intern, Eli. It’s heaps of fun, and word on the street has it that there’s going to be an album artwork one coming soon.

I just finished a wonderful book, Love is a Mixed Tape, and it made me remember, among a billion other things, how excellent making mixed tapes are. We still make mixed tapes of course, now in the form of playlists and CDs, but what a great reminder of a perfect ritual. My mom on Mother’s Day this year asked me, ever so gently, why I put on every CD or tape I ever made her (which is at least 30 or so), REM’s Man on the Moon. I didn’t even know I had done that. And every one? What’s wrong with me?

I also really like these. Especially because I’m used to seeing them 20 x bigger.

Hmm, I’m liking cupcakes too right now. And Arizona Green Tea. And sunscreen.

And homemade pizza. We made one the other night called Peach Delight, or Peach Extreme or something, and yep! It had peaches on it! And fake chorizo, garlic, cheese and spinach. So good.

I am also really digging in the most profound and inspired way the people who’ve really stepped it up for Holland these past week–Dianna, Tom at River School, Sarena, Meagan, Jeff, Randal, Megan, Matthew, and all the people who wrote letters and rallied, Sean at Maytan, Lisa Mann, Noah, Mike Albright–it’s really wonderful to see how amazing this community is and how serious we are about this thing. Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart.