Yes, I am a Tornado Chaser

Yes, I am a Tornado Chaser

This week’s chaser is a serious one. As some of you may know, we’ve had some issues at Holland with a disgruntled neighbor. Most recently, our neighbor wrote a letter to the editor which is unflattering to say the least. I’ve posted our neighbor’s letter to the editor below:

Holland Project Disturbing the Peace

Approximately four months ago, the city of Reno gave (the Holland Project) a lease on a city building for activities with teen kids, but the city did not get input from the residents living in the area. The area in question is deemed residential. Now, the group every week has live bands with loud music.
I call the police every week, and finally they cited the group for disturbing the peace. Now, I have to go to court to tell the judge why I had them cited. I feel my rights have been violated by the Holland Project and the city of Reno.
This is just one more Big Brother (city of Reno) taking rights away. When I called the Reno police, they seemed like they could care less about my rights. I feel I have the right to peace and quiet and enjoyment of my home, especially at night.
George Moore, Reno

Aside from being incredibly rude to every member of the Holland Project that has approached him, Mr. Moore has a few of his facts wrong while simultaneously suffering from the worst case of tunnel vision imaginable. First, the neighborhood the Holland Project is in is NOT a residential neighborhood. Second, the city of Reno licensed the building to the Holland Project almost a year ago (which, according to Mr. Moore’s neighbors, would put us in the neighborhood long before him.) Third, all of the residents near Holland (with the exception of Mr. Moore) are incredibly supportive of the Holland Project.

This week, I strongly urge every person who reads this blog to write a letter to the editor of the RGJ, the News and Review, the Sparks Tribune, and any other local paper voicing your support for the Holland Project and the great things it does for the community.