Makin’ Moonshine

Makin’ Moonshine

Congratulations!!! Danny Auerbach, Karina Baylocq, Cassie Brooksbank, Noah Conrath, Danielle Hauser, Ossian MacDonald, Allana Noyes, Nicole Rowen, and Erica Wirthlin have been accepted to Project Moonshine’s summer 2007 documentary film program. We’re glad excited to have you all on board this year and can’t wait to get started. Additonally, Lis Bartlett, Ryan Bartlett, Brad Bynum, Heather Fuss, Charlie Hayes, Nathan Lower and Van Pham will be helping out as Production Coordinators.

We’ll be documenting two major events in Reno this summer; Tour De Nez and Dada Motel. The Dada Motel is an environmental artshow, open to the public June 28, 29 & 30, 2007. Reno artists and performers are joining together to rent rooms and fill venues in Reno’s Downtown District in a celebration of Reno’s unlimited potential for absurdity. Info on the Tour De Nez and the schedule of events can be found at

Califone at the Green Room (5/7/07) was amazing show and the moonshiners did a great job videotaping the band! We don’t know what we’re going to do with the footage yet, but we’ve got a great soundboard recording and lots of black and white footage so I’m sure we’ll put together something cool and maybe have it available at Holland.

There’s been a lot of momentum in the past year and we’re off to another great start. There’s so much energy, activism and artwork circuluating around Reno lately. You can really feel it in the air. Thanks to everyone at Holland has worked hard to create a space to faciliate all of this creative energy.

Thanks for all your support. Hope to see you out and about this summer. If you see a moonshiner cruising around buy em a soda.