Holland Snicket-A series of unfortunate events…

Holland Snicket-A series of unfortunate events…

So, in case you haven’t heard, Holland was forced to take a hiatus for a few weeks until some serious stuff can be worked out. We feel positive we can win this, it’s just going to take a couple weeks to sort out–so stay tuned for info on where shows will be moved and updates on this process. Below is the letter we sent out to the email list. Be strong. We’ll get there. xo


We have some things to talk you about, and because we’re all in this
together, we want to tell you what’s happening and make everyone
aware of the situation at hand. So here we go:

One guy. One neighbor, a very angry neighbor is waging a war against
Holland–and we’re in the process of fighting it, but it’s going to
take some time. The City of Reno has given us another permit, but it
has to go before the Council for approval. This will happen on June
13. In the meantime, in order to greater our chances for approval, we
cannot host our scheduled shows or events. We’ve been working
diligently (since last night, when the news was broken to us) to find
homes for the displaced shows–and it’s incredibly apparent why Holland
needs to exist. Places for people to gather and listen to music, that
aren’t bars or casinos, simply don’t exist here. So many venues, show
houses, basements, cafes, etc. have been shut down and the all-ages
places where we can listen to music or see an event are almost
completely gone. Makes this fight that much more important.

We’ll work endlessly to resolve this, and in the meantime, thanks for
your patience and your will–we’ll make it happen. Check the blog for
updates– www.hollandreno.blogspot.com.

Please call 775.742.1858, or email hollandreno@gmail.com with