Want to book a show? Okay! Here’s how:

1. No Booking through MySpace. Like Gilman and other wonderful venues, booking is handled by phone. Don’t be shy. Call 775.742.1858 on Tuesdays between 5:30-7:30pm and we’ll assist you in all your booking needs.

2. Booking should be done 2 months in advance when possible.

3. If you ask for a date that someone else has asked for, we’ll place a hold on the date for you, then follow-up with the first person/band who asked and either confirm the held date for them, or release it and give it to you. Holds do not mean you get the date in question.

4. If you propose a full bill, event or show–it will be easier to find and confirm a date for you. ex. I have X band, X band and X band ready to play on these dates, instead of “can my band play sometime?” If you want to be a part of the monthly Sound and Fury night, stop by Sound and Fury on Wonder St. and they’ll help you make it happen.

5. We won’t make you sign a contract, but we do ask that once we book your show, that a representative from each band confirms by phone or email with a “yes, we’re on this date.” Simple as that.

6. We understand emergencies and other such stuff that may prevent you from playing a show, but if you flake for the sake of flaking, we probably won’t book your band again.

7. Be patient. Holland is a volunteer-run space and we don’t have the strength to have a show every day of the week. We’re also dedicated to keeping the space diverse and making it available to all the genres and scenes that live and breathe in this town. This means if you don’t get a show one month because a. we can’t schedule any more dates, b. we already have a bunch of shows in your same genre, or c. the date you wanted wasn’t open–please try, try again.

8. There are many bands we want to see play the space, and for that reason, we’ll only book you once within a 30-day span.

9. Bands are expected to promote their shows via posters, flyers, MySpace, etc. In turn, Holland will always send out your show through our email list, post on the blog, MySpace and website, print on the monthly calendar flyer, and send to the RGJ and the News and Review.

10. In addition to Holland being volunteer-run, it’s also youth run. Programming is guided by a governing Youth Board made up of passionate teens 13-18. They tell us what they want to see at Holland and how much they want to see it. If you feel like you may be having some sort of issue with their decisions, email hollandreno@gmail.com and we’ll schedule some time for you to meet with the Board.

11. Holland takes 30% of the door to cover expenses, and will always settle out the show at the end of every night.

12. Shows are done at 10pm (at least for now). Doors are between 6:30-7. Plan your night accordingly!

13. And finally, bands–and their fans–are expected to respect the venue.

Thank you!
xo, Holland