“And after the show it’s the after party…”

“And after the show it’s the after party…”

Yep, that’s right, I’m quoting R Kelly. It may not be the last time either.

We hope you all will join us for the Project Moonshine after party/killer show we’re hosting at Holland tomorrow (Saturday, 5/5) from 7-10pm. The incredible bunch that is Project Moonshine will screen the film they made last summer, Being Here, at the NMA at 12:30. You should catch it if you can.

Afterward we’ll get down with Anathallo–a band you won’t want to miss. Fresh from Coachella, these guys are sure to wow us with a plethora of unusual instruments and wonders. Give their site a scan or their music a listen by clicking HERE.

Joining them is Caspia, with ambient sounds that are sure to make you believe this world is a beautiful place. Listen to them HERE. And Reno’s own, Crushed by Jefferson , indie pop rock eruption.

We’ll be screening clips from all the Moonshine endeavors, including the much-awaited Sonic Youth film that Holland will be showing in the very near future.

PS. The Holland space reflects the weather, so if it’s cold outside, dress warm! Pretend you are going to an amphitheater.