New Friend Friday #24

New Friend Friday #24

So I’m waiting in a huge line at the downtown post office. It feels like everyone in town is waiting to buy stamps or something. There are about 4 workers and I’m hoping I get to go to Tim’s line because he would make a perfect New Friend Friday candidate. He’s tall, bearded, a lover of stamps, and super friendly. But, instead I get called off to the Moleman.

Two guys next to me start making small talk and all I can think about is how I didn’t make friends with Tim. Arghh!! I’m getting seriously bummed. I might not have a NFF this week. The guy to my side is persistent and comments on the paint on my hands. The two of them move in for the kill, commenting on my package, my splattered shoes, and bike. Wait! These guys are trying to be my friend. Screw this Tim guy, I got my NFF’s right here.

Gregg and Ike are passing through Reno on their way from New York to Death Valley. They’re pit-stopping at the downtown post office because they heard about the swastika adorned décor. They are both in their mid to late 30’s and Greg is rocking a killer coat that says ‘king of ny’. A bling’n gold crown replaces the word king. Hot!

Gregg owns a bar/art gallery on Ludlow in the lower east side called Max Fisch and says to stop by if, or when I come out east. I tell them my friend (mr. blurr) was living on Ludlow all last summer at E.F.Higgins III and turns out they did an envelope art show at their gallery featuring Mr. E to the F. This is where an anonymous voice in your head says, ‘man what a small…’

Both of the guys are from Indiana and met while in art school. They’ve been friends ever since and are on an all American road trip. Gregg’s bassy voice fills the vaulted ceiling and we chat about the various boroughs, Cat Power, and car culture till the workers start locking the doors. We say our goodbyes and they hit the road with sights set on sunsets.

It’s in this week’s installment of NFF that I realized that making friends isn’t something you can force. It’s a cosmic thing that only happens when the stars align, like a good bike ride, dance party, grilled cheese, or horchata. You know, sometimes you just got to stop and enjoy the magic moments. They happen everyday. And usually on your way to do what you were planning to do.

Till next week.