Brown Paper Packages, vol 21/22

Brown Paper Packages, vol 21/22

Call me a softy, but this week’s favorite thing is so utterly irresistible that I can only show you a photo.

God. Can you even believe it? Her name is Peta, and she’s my mom’s puppy, and she’s the best thing in the world.

Runner’s Up:

1. Dill. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but I really love this spice. On everything. I’m thinking seriously about carrying a small bottle of it around in my purse.

2. Finally being in the month that Holland will have it’s Grand Opening–yay to April!

3. Having Henry, my half-brother who is 2, tell me about 90 times a day the Greek equivalent of “go to hell.” See, his grandma (or Yia Yia as they say) is Greek and apparently has a dirty mouth, because he picked it up and speaks it as smoothly and regularly as if it were his native tongue. He had been saying it for a while, but I had no idea what it meant. When I finally asked, I learned the exact translation is more along the lines of “May the Devil take your soul.” Nice, huh?

4. The Superficial. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Run, don’t walk, to this website: The Superficial.

5. Netflix. Though I am a dream customer to them (meaning I get my movies in the mail and proceed to keep them for the next couple months), I love this service. When I lived in Seattle, there was something called Kozmo (we’re talking circa 1999)–and you could order anything–movies, games, food, ice cream, paper towels, and someone on scooter would deliver your order to your house within an hour and a felt very futuristic. Once you watched the movie, you could drop it off at one of the various Kozmo Drop Boxes located around town. It was amazing. Of course it went kaput in just over a year, and I strongly feel that Netflix fills a small part of the void that the death of Kozmo left behind.