Adherical Lyrical

Adherical Lyrical

Last Week: LCD Soundsystem, Losing My Edge

Eh, I’ll be lame and just say RJD2’s album, The Horror, is my lyric for this week.

The reason being…I am making a horror of my own. All of today is going to have to be devoted to finishing the script for my scary movie amateurpiece, but this movie is only trial 1 of what I hope to redo this summer in full force. So in preperation for making this movie I want to watch some good, old, horror movies. Does anyone have any particular favorites? I would love to hear any suggestions, and maybe we could even make it a Holland event? I know that Heather has a movie night planned out for May 22nd, but maybe we could make one happen earlier? If anyone else is interested in horror movie night let me know and hopefully we can collaborate and get it done…

Otherwise, may your day be thrilling and unexpected…the perfect horror movie combination.

Eagerly Awaiting