Adherical Lyrical

Adherical Lyrical

Unfortunately I have no lyrical advice to offer because the band that I have most recently been stuck on has no vocals (except for one excited yell that is less than a second long).

The Advantage

The ultimate in video game rock covers. This band contains Spencer Sein of Hella on the drums and a whole lot of unknown videogame soundtrack glory. My favorite song on the Advantage album “Elf Titled” is off of a game called Ghosts n’ Goblins but I have never played that game…anyone ever played it? I think part of the reason why I have been so fixated with this band lately is due to the fact that I just found my old copy of “Final Fantasy Tactics” and have been secretly playing it when no one is watching…or when I force Kyle to watch.

Anyway, it’s a great game mostly because I haven’t played it in ten years but also because it has that super cheesy, yet somehow endearing 8-bit audio soundtrack full of great melodies that play over and over on a loop less than a minute long.

What are your favorite video game scores?
We might as well just expand the topic into favorite videogames of all time…
And I am just going to put Mario and Zelda out there for everyone simply because we all agree that they are timeless and great…but if you particularly don’t like one of those games say why…

Get out there and listen to some 8-bit rock anthems while partaking in some side-scroll action!

Eagerly Awaiting