The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

The Mousetraps have recently been all wrapped up in felt, using it for any and every project they can think of. Felt is so inexpensive and can be used for almost anything! This week, the girls were determined to come up with another simple and useful felt project to feed their obsession, and, of course, they did. Get ready to spare your countertops from scarring when you make your very own mod-inspired felt hot pad!

*This quick little project pairs well with the Mars Volta song “L’Via L’Viaquez” from the “Frances the Mute” album. This song takes you on for a Latin-inspired joy ride and lets you off somewhere in the desert, leaving you lost, sweaty, and thirsty for more. It also lasts longer than the time needed to finish this project!!

Felt Hot Pads!!

Time: 10 minutes

Supplies Needed: 3 colors of felt, glue, pen, scissors, and 3 circular objects for tracing

1. Find 3 household objects with circular rims of varying sizes that you can use for tracing. We used a pan, a bowl, and a mug.
2. Trace the circular rim of each object in pen onto the wrong side of 3 different colors of felt.
3. Cut out the circles where you drew.
4. Glue the second biggest circle onto the center of the largest circle, making sure all pen markings face down.
5. Glue the smallest circle onto the center of the second biggest circle.
6. Let the glue dry and set your hot pots and pans on your new mod-inspired hot pad!