Coffee Break: Design, Art, &c.

Coffee Break: Design, Art, &c.

Woo Doggie! Another Coffee Break, another missed deadline!

Somebody said something about Spring Break so I’ll just go ahead and use that as my excuse right now as Miss From the Heart(land) and I were busy exploring Death Valley all week.

See? Sagebrush ‘n stuff ‘n stuff.

All the driving gave me shin splints though and got me thinking about epic cross-country car trips… and then I ran across this dude’s trip from 1998 just now!

50 States in a Week’s Vacation: A truly monumental adventure that covered all 50 states in 11 days using one rental car and two plane tickets (Alaska and Hawaii are hellacious drives). Honestly my brain kind of hurts after reading about the trip but what the hell, I guess that’s what the “&c.” in “Coffee Break: Design, Art, &c.” stands for —

19th Century Shipping Posters: Speaking of monumental adventures… how about a 120-day voyage from the Eastern Seaboard to San Francisco via Clipper ship? Check out this great collection of posters from circa 1850-1860.