Brown Paper Packages, vol 20

Brown Paper Packages, vol 20

Maybe it’s because it’s feeling summer-y outside and I’ve got some spring in my step, but I’ve been whistling up a storm these past few days. In getting introspective about this whole whistling thing I’ve noticed the following: a.) If you’re the whistler, life is amazing, and b.) if someone else is whistling, you’re probably supremely annoyed. I’m not sure why that is, but it may be the same syndrome that sets in with laser pins–all fun and games when it’s in your hands, and then completely immature and obnoxious in the hands of others. Whatever the case may be, non-annoying whistling by others is a direct component of week # 20’s favorite thing–Songs with Whistling!

I’m loving Peter Bjorn and John’s magical and catchy new whistling song, Young Folks. Makes me want to skip and do jazz hands and stuff. I’ve also been channeling some old school whistling favorites, Otis Redding’s Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay (of course, no Whistling List is complete without it), Patience by Guns n’ Roses, and Waitin’ on a Friend by the Rolling Stones. There’s a fun whistling part in the Bangles’ Walk Like An Egyptian. Cat Power has After it All, and there’s that hyper eerie whistle tune from Kill Bill. Songwriter extrordinaire Harry Nillson was fond of the whistle-and was said to be a bit of a whistling expert himself. “Wouldn’t It Be Lovely”, a song from one of my favorite movies-My Fair Lady–has a poppy whistling part. Whistling–oh so fun!

I’m choosing to forget a few (Wind of Change by the Scorpions, Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFarrin, Whistle While You Work by the Seven Dwarfs (do they get the credit, not sure how that works), the stupid theme to the Andy Griffith Show….).

And just because it’s on topic, I am going to namedrop for a sec. There’s a documentary called Pucker Up–and it’s a film on an annual whistling competion that’s really pretty specatacular. In the film, there’s a contestant called Steve–and I met him, and he whistled for me. Here’s his website, check out the soundclips (and the amazing photo of him)!: Steve the Whistler.

Any good whistling songs I’ve missed?? There have to be more. Let me know and we’ll put together the Happiest Mix of Whistling Favorites.