Adherical Lyrical

Adherical Lyrical

Last Week: Animal Collective, Flesh Canoe

“When we used to believe in magic,
and we didn’t die”

Most assuredly.
With time does one begin to posses a better grasp of these concepts? We eventually tell our own story so many times that we are no longer willing to question.

I refuse to grow old and be so assured of all the answers that I won’t listen to new music; that I won’t meet and love spiritually challenging people; or that I won’t be able to let myself grow in significant ways. There isn’t anything more unattractive than someone who thinks life is all a race to get to some plateau where upon they believe they have earned the right to pontificate to all the stragglers. I think that is why I have such a problem with organized religion. Too many people with too definite answers. How did people get to a point where it was healthy to be close minded? What are they protecting themselves from?

Willingness is dying of fear.
Hatred grows from stagnance.
Excitement born of spontaneity.
and Love learned in connecting with people

Eagerly Awaiting