Adherical Lyrical

Adherical Lyrical

Last Week: Animal Collective, Hey Light

“young red bird they’re just natural feelings
like walking off to ride my bike
or just bump into you
I haven’t seen you in a week or three days
though it really bugs me
It’s nice to find new ways to smile”


Wednesday afternoon at 1,
we planned to hit the road!
Fill up on gas and check the weather,
get sleeping bags, oh crap, where’s Heather?
Ah, 3 o’clock…just like we planned,
we hit the road in style.
Excited for the trip ahead
we rocked out for a while.
Some of this, no that’s not right,
we bicker over tunes,
Will we miss that Reno neon light
conducted by the moon?
a little…

It’s 7:30, in a hurry
don’t want to miss the show
let’s grab a colored taxi
tell the ticker man go go!
Look out over all the black sea
and be grateful there’s no snow…

“Bottom of the Hill”
we order nonchalantly
“An address, if you will”
He quips a little staunchly

The night turns black
and the blood runs hot
who cares if we get back
or not
Let’s run circles up the streets just screaming
“Come and wake me, I’m still dreaming!”

No ones comes,
we see some bums
but all is rather well with the world

So here is where we’ll sit
while I feel my stomach’s pit?
Butterflies the size of those guys eyes
who idolize a thigh high prize
with no disguise to hide their glances
and surmise about their chances
are you, are you, my someone?
It’s none the less exciting to wander through the Castro
If you haven’t been you sure should go
to watch life as a musical

The trip went off without a hitch
Hostel bunk beds couldn’t break the spirit
I doubt if anything will come so near it
Life is all about those moments
Perfect were those moments
Moments shared connected
Moments few expected
More beautiful, honest, genuine people couldn’t have been selected
Thanks to everyone for making life


Eagerly Awaiting