The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

The unseasonably warm weather brought the Mousetraps outdoors to fire up the barbeque and cook up some tofu kabobs. As they devoured their snacks, they felt guilty about tossing out their bamboo skewer sticks. After a good rinse, they decided to put them to good use. All those earrings they made last week needed a place to hang, and these skewer sticks were the perfect solution.

* This week, we recommend throwing Jurassic 5’s “Quality Control” into your boombox. It’s great for a backyard barbeque or your everyday crafting.

Earring Racks!!

Time: 10 minutes
Supplies Needed: bamboo skewer sticks (from the grocery or dollar store), waxed string or hemp, beads, scissors

1. Cut two pieces of string about 12” in length.
2. Fold string in half and wrap around one skewer stick. Tie a knot on top of the skewer stick to where the string lands about 1” in from the edge of the stick.
3. String a bead through both ends of string and let it rest on top of the skewer stick.
4. Wrap the string around another skewer stick and tie a knot just as before.
5. String through another bead and so on until you have as many bars as you want in your earring rack.
6. Do the same to the other ends of the sticks.
7. Tie off the ends in a loop so you can hang it on a nail or pushpin.