The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

The Mousetraps Get Domestic!

The Mousetraps decided to meet for coffee and DJ practice last week so they could perfect their spinning technique for all of the upcoming Holland benefit shows. Mouse got all decked out in her favorite colors, complete with matching legwarmers and wristbands. When Trap opened the door to let her in, she complimented her style exclaiming, “Mouse, you sure have an eye for accessorizing! The only thing that might make your ensemble even more perfect is a new pair of earrings!” Luckily, the girls had all the supplies needed to craft some of their own. DJ practice was put off for a bit until they finished the jewelry, but now they have something more for their ears besides just headphones!

*This week’s project pairs nicely with the newest Ratatat album, Classics. Lots of beats, plus an ultracool cat sound on the track Wildcat. Perfect for stringing beads onto a tiny wire!


Time: 20 minutes +

Supplies Needed: earring hooks, thin wire, beads, (all of these can be purchased at any craft store for relatively cheap!) and a pair of needle-nose pliers

(Make two of each… if you want a pair, that is!)
1. Attach the wire to the earring hook by looping it through and twisting it around itself. Here’s where the pliers come in handy…
2. String the beads on in the order you prefer.
3. To finish it off, string one tiny seed bead at the bottom and loop the wire through, tying it in a knot. Twist the end in as best you can so it can’t be seen.
4. Tada!