Makin’ Moonshine

Makin’ Moonshine

Little Children Gives New Views to the World

The best film to be nominated this year for any major award is Todd Field’s masterwork Little Children. The story of a neighborhood holding its breath and what happens when that breath is released.

Little Children centers on two major plot lines. One is of the people who live in the neighborhood and who interact with one another at the parks and pools and crosswalks with their children at their sides. Sarah Pierce (Kate Winslet in her Oscar nominated role) is a bored house wife who is tired of her marriage and wants something more out of her life. On the other side of the street is Brad Adamson (Patrick Wilson) a stay at home father who is raising his own child while his wife (Jennifer Connelly) heads to work everyday. The two chance meeting one day when they are both playing with their respective children at the park. The two form a friendship of a sorts and it begins to grow from there.

While the two parents are beginning to get to know one another the neighborhood has been covered in flyers of a man who has moved in that is a sexual deviant. Jackie Earle Haley gives one of the ten best performances of the year as Ronnie J. McGorvey. The other standout performance in the movie.

Phyllis Somerville who is May McGorvey Ronnie’s all to innocent mother. Haley plays a man who has made a mistake and is now paying for it every hour of the day especially from a local cop (Noah Emmerich) Haley’s character wants to be good but at the same time he has a problem which he can’t seem to control.

The movie is a well crafted story of desire and temptation from all the characters perspectives. If one thing about this movie really stands out as being truly unique it is that of the narration in the film that seems to guide it along through the story. The movie almost seems to take on a documentary style of storytelling. The narration takes on a simple tone
almost like a story being told to a group of children. The movie is a fantastic piece of art that everyone should see and will
probably discuss afterwards weather you enjoyed it or not.

If there is anything wrong with the movie it is that maybe it runs a little long for some people and at times you feel the narration is a little much.

Critical Assessment: 5/5

Reviewer: Ben Kolton

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