Adherical Lyrical

Adherical Lyrical

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“Hey Light
I can wear my moccasins
have made me smile again. There aint nothin’ like you”

Certain people, certain faces
Sometimes not addressed
we run our daily races

Curtain pulled in curtain places
Sometimes the light breaks in
between the grip of our embraces

My body won’t stop reeling
after words my heart confessed
and my skin feels like it’s peeling

A white shadow ceiling
Crawls across my skin
or is that you I’m feeling?

Music vibrates off the walls
while neighbors’ save their secrets
hiding tales no one recalls

I couldn’t help but dream tonight
relive all the cold moonlight
starry evenings so polite
Few things ever felt so right

I know I can’t explain
for words would surely taint
What was will remain
known forever only to that plane

Eagerly Awaiting

(sorry for the day delay)