Adherical Lyrical

Adherical Lyrical

I thought for a while trying to find some music related topic I wanted to talk about, but never really found anything. So, being that I have recently been in a, “Hey! Let’s write some stupid poetry” mood, I figured I’d just post one. So here is…Fragrance: Unknown. Enjoy and see you next Sunday with something a little less ridiculous.

Fragrance: Unknown

Inside the ventilation
And underneath the seats
Deep in all the cushions
A hidden smell retreats

I called upon my senses…
Asked them,
“Identify it please!”
It broke down my defenses
That’s when,
I put up fragrant trees

Cinnamon now covers all,
I guess I’d say it’s better,
Still the smell comes back to call
Whenever there’s hot weather

What’s the deal!
Half vomit,
half Thai food?
I can’t enjoy my music
when I’m trying not to spew.

Finally, it happened,
As I knew it would transpire.
The only way to clean my car
Was to light it all on fire!

I leave the charred remains
Sweating from the heat.
And though I’m no where near the flames
some familiar smell my nostrils meet

Have I lost my mind?
For this simply cannot be.
Was I really quite so blind
as to not know the smell was me?

Eagerly Awaiting