We’re so excited to meet and work with you here at Holland Project!

HP is a DIY volunteer-driven organization and the people you meet working at the door, running the snack shack, snapping photos, mixing sound for bands, and teaching workshops are primarily volunteers who are passionate about art, music, skill sharing, and building community. There are volunteer opportunities in all departments of HP (visual art, music, education, activism) and we’re excited to find a role that works for you.

Volunteers must attend an orientation before they work a shift. Our next orientations will be on August 1st and September 5th. You only need to attend one to start! We do a general meeting and then a separate meeting for photographers & videographers. Both meetings cover all the basics, but photographers also learn about best practices. Please be sure to RSVP to the one that makes the most sense for what you’d like to do at HP!

RSVP for August 1st
RSVP for September 5th

Have questions? Email info@hollandreno.org