Offsite Galleries

Organized and run by a rotating crew of gallery associates and interns with the HP Gallery Manager, our off-site galleries support emerging creators both as curators and as exhibiting artists. Gallery Associates are often high school/college level interns that have the opportunity to oversee and curate full exhibitions in this off-site space from start to finish, beginning with the selection of the artist/s and completing with the de-installation of the exhibit. For exhibiting artists, offsite galleries allow an avenue to exhibit work professionally in a high-traffic space in the heart of Reno.

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HP Satellite Gallery inside Cafe Capello | HP x Sizzle Pie Gallery | Past Exhibitions



by Eva Shipley
Satellite Gallery (Cafe Capello)

Eva Shipley is a painter and fiber artist based in Reno, Nevada who likes taking things apart and putting them back together. She works mainly with oil paint to create paintings that exist in both two-dimensional space and three-dimensional space, exploring the relationship that images and objects have with each other. Shipley also spends time experimenting with art forms traditionally viewed as “craft,” like quilting, beading, mosaic, and embroidery, and incorporates them into her work. Shipley considers the finished products of these methods to be “paintings.”

Shipley is currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, and has been featured several times in the University’s art and literary magazine, “Brushfire.” Shipley is currently creating a body of work that focuses on her own interactions with textiles, and their influence on her life.



by Megha Malik
JUNE 12 – SEPTEMBER, 6 2024
HP x Sizzle Pie Gallery

** Due to the closure of the Reno Sizzle Pie location, we are working to secure a new exhibition location and dates for Megha’s solo project, SOMA. Stay tuned for updates! **

Megha Malik is a visual artist and writer who was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and attended the University of Nevada, Reno. As an artist, Malik’s work often relates to her own narratives and personal experiences in which she documents through language and collage. She is currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts as an educator. “SOMA” is a collection of narratives documenting the interactive and idiosyncratic spheres of life –Through bouts of rumination, bliss, freedom, and avoidance, “SOMA” is my attempt to be present and reflective on the phenomena I experience and feel.