Offsite Galleries

Organized and run by a rotating crew of gallery associates and interns with the HP Gallery Manager, our off-site galleries support emerging creators both as curators and as exhibiting artists. Gallery Associates are often high school/college level interns that have the opportunity to oversee and curate full exhibitions in this off-site space from start to finish, beginning with the selection of the artist/s and completing with the de-installation of the exhibit. For exhibiting artists, offsite galleries allow an avenue to exhibit work professionally in a high-traffic space in the heart of Reno.

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HP Satellite Gallery inside Cafe Capello | HP x Sizzle Pie Gallery | Past Exhibitions


APRIL 1 – JUNE 28, 2024

RECEPTION April 7, 2024
Fire from Heaven
Works by Casey Hurley
Satellite Gallery (Cafe Capello)

Casey Hurley is an artist from Nevada who currently lives in Reno. She graduated from University of Nevada Reno with a Bachelor’s of Art in 2022. Her artistic practice focuses mainly on oil painting but also includes acrylic painting and experimental sculptural work using fabric. Casey’s art investigates the spaces between waking and dreaming and the ways that everyday life exists between the two. Her work explores how memory and fear can permeate throughout the layers of one’s life and inform the ways one acts, thinks, sees the world, and sees themselves. Casey’s work is deeply personal and draws from both lived experiences and dreams.

MARCH 01 – MAY 31, 2024

RECEPTION March 12, 2024
A Knightmare on Helm Street
By Bijou Bell
HP x Sizzle Pie Gallery

Bijou Bell is a Las Vegas-born artist who channels her creativity through the colorful medium of watercolor pens. Alongside her artistic pursuits, Bijou is deeply involved in music, excelling as both a musician and a dedicated music teacher. Following a transformative brain injury in July of 2023, art became Bijou’s sanctuary, allowing her to connect with her inner child and rediscover the joys of adolescence. Her creations, reminiscent of youthful exuberance, serve as a bridge to that innocent time, offering viewers a chance to reconnect with their own inner selves. Through her work, Bijou explores the healing power of creativity, inviting others to join her on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.