The Holland Library is a smattering of amazing donated books, music, games, and zines, as well as specially curated selections from our loves at Sundance Books and Music.

Our library is officially open Tu-Fri from 3-6pm. You’re welcome to come hang on the couches and peruse, or check something out and take it home!

Sundance Books selects and donates music-themed books to our collection. Biographies, scene histories, books by musicians, encyclopedias, poster/photo books, behind the scenes stuff and MORE. We are so honored and excited to get these selections in our library and hope you’ll come peruse or check em out.  Additionally, we have a TON of amazing zines curated lovingly by our resident zine expert Sarah Lillegard, in addition to the latest issues of Found, BEAT, Maximum Rock n Roll, Apology, Hi Fructose, Slingshot, and Bust. We also have a wish list going, if there’s something you’d like to see – let us know!

Additionally, with Sundance, we’ll be hosting quarterly salon-style discussions, titled “Sunland: A Symposium Series”–all relating back to this year’s music theme.  Click HERE for more info.

PS. our radical Library logo was designed by wonderful Denali Lowder.

Library 2x2