Thanks to the AMAZING generosity of our community, the Holland Project was able to meet its goal and become GROUNDED FOR LIFE. This is such an enormous occasion and we are just so stunned, so proud, and so grateful for each and every person, small business, band, organization, and foundation that made this possible. Y’ALL ARE THE BEST. All-ages art and culture has a permanent home in Reno. That’s a big deal.

Nell J. Redfield Foundation, Keyser Foundation, Heidemarie Rochlin, NV Energy Foundation, Draper Family Foundation, Phil and Jennifer Satre, Nightingale Family Foundation, EL Cord Foundation, Hawkins Foundation, Terry Lee Wells Foundation, Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation, Malena & Spencer Raymond, Klaus & Kristin Grimm, Deane Albright, Doors to Recovery, and Kate & Nate Mendel.

AND TO ALL OUR FRIENDS who gave big and small to ensure Holland’s future <3:
Aaron Foelsch, Aaron Sion, Aaron Underwood, Abbi Whitaker, Abigail Allen, *Alan Conder, Alana Berglund, Alberto Garcia, Alex Vitale, Ali Szarko, Alisha Funkhouser, *Alison Gilligan, Allana Noyes, Allison Wagonseller, Amber Barnes, Amber Scala, Amy Aramanda, Amy Hawkins, Amy O’Brien, Amy Thompson, Ana McKay, Andrew Lowder, Angela Leone, Anna Kernecker, Anthony Gallian, Anthony Garcia, Arizona Young, Ashley Jennings, Aubrey Norris, Audrey Love, Austin Koontz, Austin Wallis, *Be Instrumental Arts Endowment Fund, Ben and Jill Rogers, Benjamin Tempchin, Betty Scott, *Biggest Little City Group, Bootleg Courier, Brad Van Woert, Brandon Taylor, Brian McClelland, Bridget Conway, Britt Curtis, Bruce Ruff, Bryce Becker, Caitlyn Wallace, Callie Kitrall, Cameron Paris, Cameron White, Cari Cunningham, Caroline Ackerman, Carolyn Van Lydegraf, Casey Clark, Chad Sweet, Charlie Hayes, Chelsie Kern, Chris Gibson, Christina Barr, Christine Felch, City Wolves, Claire Munoz, *Clark Demeritt, Clint Neuerburg, Clinton Sleeper, Colin Loretz, Corner/Store, Courtney & Shane Forster, Daniel Sion, Danielle Biselli, Danielle Cooke, Darren Barnes, David Adams, David Gibson, David Southerland, David Squelch, David Tilley, Dawn Adams, Deborah Nalder, Denali Lowder, Denise Lowder, Denise Sleeper, Dennyse Sewell, Diana Torres, Edin Carpenter, Edmund Quaglieri, Eka Bajwa, Eleanor Girdis, Elizabeth Nicholas, Elliot Koontz, Emily Hebert, *Emily Nelson, Eric Brooks, Eric Johnson, Eric Santti, Erica Wirthlin, Erin Miller, Ernie Baragar, Eve Allen, Evynn McFalls, Fil Corbit, Forest Molina, Francesca Martinez, Gabrielle McGeein, *Greg Allen, Greyson Beffa, Griffin Peralta, Haleigh Hoff, Hannah Behmaram, Hans Meyer, HT MacDiarmid, Ian McIntosh, Imperial Bar and Lounge, Inge Bruggeman, Jamie Hemingway, Janis Bryn McCubbins, Jared Stanley, Jeanne Jo, Jeff Mitchell, Jeff Rogers, Jeffrey Gaisford, Jenn Archerd, Jennifer Hill + Larry Cantera, Jessica Fanaselle, *Jevan Burchfield, Jim Rivas, Jim Williams, Johanna Curtis, Johannah Zuniga, Johnna Chism, Johnny Bailey, Jonathan Parker, Joseph DeLappe, Joseph Dutra, Josh Koberstein, Judy Harrison, Julia Marianelli, Juliet Beer, Justin Craperi, Justin Morales & Megan Kay, Kaitlin Bryson, Kaleb Temple, Karen and Jeff Ross, Karen Hancock, Kate Sedinger, Kathy Williams, Katie Louvat, Katy Wood, Kelly Wallis, Ken Manz, Kris Nash, Kristin Rodriguez, Kyle Bladow, Kyle Kozar, *Lanning Andrews, Larry Frugoli, Lauren Klein, Lauren Siegel, Laxalt & McIver, Lecia Nichols, Lily Crabtree, Lincoln Lounge, Lindsay Jones, Lindsey Pisani, Lisa + Will Kurt, Lisa Hebbring, Liz Minnix, Luke Jacobson, Manny Beccera & Launie Gardner, *Mark Curtis, Mark Doehring, Mark Mendoza, Mark Nesbitt, Markus Hegman, Matt Grimm, Matthew McMahon, Matthew Sailor, Megan Berner, Megan Gilman, Megan Merenda, Meghan Pescio, Melanie Jubenville, Melinda Barrett, Melissa Taylor, *Michael Dermody, Michael Sion, Michelle Baker, Michelle Lassaline, Michelle Laxalt, *Moment Skis + Great Basin Brewing Co., Nancy Podewils, Natalie Handler, Nellie Davis, Nettie Olivero, Nicholas Rattigan, Nickolaus Larsen, Nicole Obritsch, Niki Kates, Old Granite Street Eatery, Olivia Hu, Oona Sapunor-Pfaff, Orlin Bowman, Patrick Jackson, *Paul and Deb Martin, Peter Laxalt, Phillip Smith, Quinton Bunk, Rachel Schultz, Ralph McLemore, Ray Mueller, Reno Little Theatre, Rhiannon Box, Riley Snyder, Rose Demoret, Rosie Trump, Royce, Russell Persson, *Ryan Bartlett, Ryan Garaventa, Ryan Stark, Sam Perry, Samantha Stremmel, Sara Santoro, Sarah Geo Walton, Sarah McElroy, Saundra Embry, Scott Bates, Scott Turek, Sean Barron, Shayna Liberman, Shelby McAuliffe, Sierra Jickling, Skye Snyder, Soohyun Yoon, Sophia Pierce, Spectre Records (Michelle and Gabe Torres), Spoken Views, Stephanie Cueva, Stephanie De Barros, Stephanie Lauer, Stephanie Paul, *Steve & Jolene Cook, *Sue-Ting Chene, Summer Orr, *Sundance Books and Music, Susan Mayes-Smith, Suzy Klass, *Tanya McCaffery, Tara Littlefield, Tee Iseminger, Tennielle Cossey, Teresa Barnes, *Thomas Bottom, Thomas Snider, Tiffany O’Shaughnessy, *Tim Demeritt, Timothy Conder, Todd Hayes, Todd Youngberg, Toshadeva Palani, Travis Calvert, Tyler Rogers, Tyler Williams, Van Pham, Zach Broadhead, Zach Rawlinson, and Zach Ross.

*indicates gift of $500 or more

To see the list of all our incredible donors in LIST FORM, click HERE!
To see our reaction to making our goal, click HERE!


Over the years, Holland Project has become an important part of our community’s cultural fabric—impacting many lives, hosting unforgettable events, and infusing a youth-positive spirit and energy into our city. We’d love for you to join our Grounded for Life campaign and ensure Holland’s existence long into the future.

This is a historical moment for Holland and for our community.  Few alternative arts organizations and even fewer youth-based cultural organizations nationwide are able to own the buildings they operate out of. This not only puts organizations in precarious situations, but often puts them out of operation entirely when rental prices increase, developers purchase space, landlords move in new directions, or neighborhoods change drastically. Holland seeks to avoid this kind of fate by securing its future now and creating a space that will be available for youth arts and culture for many years – no matter what.

We’d love for you to join us, and help Holland purchase our building at 140 Vesta Street, and make major and necessary upgrades (including a new roof, new HVAC system – yes, that means AC!!), upgraded electrical and more. Due to generous donations from our major community partners we have raised 90% of our total goal. We are asking you to help us raise the remaining 10% and help make this dream a reality.

Our venue is the crux of the Holland Project and the important work we are able to do. As Reno grows and changes, we want to make sure young people are a vital part of that growth, and have a place both empowers and inspires them. Help ground us for life!


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