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The Holland Project: Who We Are & What We Do

Thank you for your interest in The Holland Project, an all-ages arts and music initiative by young people, for young people, in the Truckee Meadows. We are a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that produces more than 200 all-ages events annually in the Reno area including live music, gallery exhibitions, unique and affordable workshops, and special events and city-wide collaborations. We fundamentally believe that music and art are vital forces, and that young people have the ability and right to shape and share their culture.

It’s a tough time to be young and Nevadan. Our state reflects dismal statistics in regards to teens and young adults in nearly every category – education, mental health, addiction and drug/alcohol use, suicide, teen pregnancy, and more. Across the nation, all-ages projects are proving the benefits—to both young people and the cities they live in—by utilizing art and culture to engage, inspire, motivate, challenge, and involve. These types of events and opportunities are an important part of any healthy and happening community, and we’re proud to say we’re coming up upon our 16th year working to present all-ages offerings.

Your donation can make a huge difference for the community we serve. This is what you can make happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000:

  • YOUTH ARTS & MUSIC: Several Holland Project programs are specifically designed to promote the exceptional art of teens and young adults as well as offer mentorship and internship opportunities. These programs include Work in Progress, an after-school initiative providing master classes and mentoring for high school art students with professional artists; our annual Fresh Meat, an all-local gig featuring only musicians under 21; the semi-annual Young Blood Showcase, an exhibition of visual artists under 21; our Satellite Gallery providing first time exhibition opportunities for emerging artists; and Youth Leaders, a series of mentorship and internship positions awarded to students in several creative fields—Gallery Associate, Workshop Coordinator, Sound Engineering, Art + Design, Music Booking, and Event Production.
  • WORKSHOPS & ARTS EDUCATION: Our workshops are designed to give an affordable and accessible “crash-course” in a variety of topics including fine art, craft, music, and practical skills, aiming to inspire exploration and curiosity. Each workshop is rooted in DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos as participants are shown they do not have to rely on expensive equipment, hired personnel, technical jargon, or hard-to-access materials to learn new techniques and skills. Holland Project reaches out to local experts from all over the Truckee Meadows to come and share their knowledge, skills, and passions with us.
  • VENUE OPERATIONS: In 2022, Holland produced 219 all-ages events (an average of 18 per month), including live music events and performances, visual art exhibits and events, workshops, youth camps, and more in poetry, film, dance, literature, and special collaborations – reaching nearly 14,000 participants in our community. 95% of our events occur right here in our Midtown headquarters at 140 Vesta Street. In 2015, through our Grounded For Life campaign, our community helped us purchase our building, ensuring all-ages art and culture has a permanent place in our community, no matter what. We will continue to maintain and make improvements to our forever home, keeping our promise to always be a safe space to create, share, and experience arts and culture.

Contact Alana Berglund, Associate Director to speak about these exciting sponsorship opportunities at or 775-750-4731. To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, please contact a member of the Stewardship Team at 775-333-5499.