ALL IN 2023

APRIL 7, 2023

HP Galleries is excited to announce the 6th biennial ALL IN gallery fundraiser on view April 1-7, 2023. This year’s exhibition will coincide with Holland’s 16th birthday and feature the work of over 120 artists – our biggest yet! The artwork will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis on the night of the closing reception (April 7th) and every piece will be priced at $50 or $100. Proceeds from sales directly support gallery programming at Holland Project. In addition to being a fundraiser, All In presents a snapshot of the artists who are actively contributing to the visual arts side of Holland, from those who have recently exhibited in the space to those who help out behind the scenes. This show is our chance to present an exhibition that shows what all of the makers in our community within a community (hence, “ALL IN”) are up to. Thank you to this incredible and generous community of artists for their support of The Holland Project through the years!

We hope you can join us for a night of art and community. The reception will be held from 7-9 on April 7th, however, Holland members will get early access at 6:45PM (more info about membership HERE).

2023 Participating Artists:
Daniel Alejandro Trejo, Greg Allen, Anthony Alston, Ilya Arbatman, Anthony Arevalo, Joan Arrizabalaga, Teri Barnes, Ruby Barrientos, Patrick Barry, Adam Benedict, Nathaniel Benjamin, Megan Berner, Andrea Elizabeth Boyles, Brooke Brazil, Eric Brooks, Rey Broughton, Samantha Buchanan, Tyler Calkin, Chris Carnel, Joshua Chang, Casey Clark, Nate Clark, Tim Conder, Casey Conrad, Bridget Conway, Aurelio Cortes, Jay Damron, Grace Davis, Breanna Denny, Rachel Dickson, Antone Dolezal, Tom Drakulich, Hannah Eddy, Tracy Fish, Alisha Funkhouser, Justin Gallego, Hasler Gomez, Veronica Graham, Gwendolyn Grime, Kara Güt, Corey Gyll, Hayley Hageman, Dave Hall, Jax Hart, Ahren Hertel, Jessica Holden, Kristin Hough, Hannah Huntley, Richard Jackson, Metal Jeff, M Jiang, Marissa Kamenetsky, Alan Kaplan, Megan Kay, Nick Larsen, Michelle Lassaline, Michelle Laxalt, Miwah Lee, Alex Lee, John L’Etoile, Jesse Lopez, Audrey Love, Denali Lowder, Alex Lukas, HT MacDiarmid, Vivian Magana, Cat Mailloux, Garrett Marshall Gould, Francesca Martinez, Kirsten Mashinter, Jahahi Mazariego, Seth McCorkle, Cam McCutcheon, Fiona McElhany, Garrett McGeein, Ana McKay, Erick Medel, Paolo Mentasti, Rose Miyako, Kaiya Morikawa, Rea Mueller, Arleen Nebeker, Summer Orr, Anthony Ortega, Jordyn Owens, Dominique Palladino, Hannah Parrett, Bea Parsons, Sara Paschall, Sandra Pena, Felicia Perez, Ana Perez-McKay, César Piedra, Sophia Pierce, Otis Poisson, Austin Pratt, Ron Rash, Isabella Reyes-Klein, Artie Richmond, Kelsey Rolling, Ricardo Rubalcaba Paredes, Michael Sarich, Julia Schwadron Marianelli, Svetlana Shigroff, Dale Slingland, Jenny Snaza, Jared Stanley, Jerry Synder, Angie Terrell, David Tilley, Rossi Todorova, Kristine Toward,
Tara Tran, Geovany Uranda, Josue Valadez, Kara Van Savant, Tom Vincent Chapel, Clinton Wallace, Kelly Wallis, Ashley Westwood, Krusty Wheatfield, Marjorie Williams, Lainey Williams, Payton Williams, Tom Wixo.

If you want to learn more about the history of ALL IN, please check out Nick Larsen’s Origin Story. For questions, please reach out to M at