Venue Policy

It is of utmost importance to Holland that our venue reflects respect, safety, accessibility, tolerance, and openness. Because we want to be a place that upholds these beliefs and values, we have ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for the following behavior and actions. First offense equals immediate 6 month expulsion, no questions asked. Second offense equals permanent expulsion from venue and all Holland Project activities and events city-wide.

Holland Project does not tolerate:

-Alcohol in or around venue
-Drugs in or around venue
-Fighting or violence in or around venue
-Purposeful vandalism or damage to venue or neighboring businesses
-Hate speech, including any discriminatory, harmful, derogatory remarks, comments, or statements against any person or groups of people.

If any of the above listed are engaged in by someone in any capacity, proper enforcement will follow immediately (either 6 month or permanent expulsion).

Basically, be cool, be respectful, and we’re all okay.