Extraordinarily Poor Poetry!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone you love them, but just couldn’t find the right words? Or maybe you just want to tell your bestie just how significant they are? Well, look no further. We might not have the right words either, but we do have a team with a dictionary ready to whip you up a masterpiece.

Pricing: For a $20 donation, you will receive a one-of-a-kind poem written for whoever has your heart this Valentine’s Day season. And for an extra $10, KWNK will even read it on air! BONUS —if you’re a Holland Project and/or KWNK member, $20 gets you a poem and the on-air reading!

STEP 1: Purchase poems here.
Make sure you complete the prompts in your purchase:
1. Name of the person the poem is being written for.
2. Three things about the person (likes, features, etc)
3. Address (we will mail the poem wherever you’d like, USA only OR have ready for pickup)

STEP 2: By February 13th, a digital copy of your poem will be emailed to you. Physical copies will be mailed on February 14th or available for pick up on February 14th. If you paid the additional $10 or are a Holland Project and/or KWNK member, your poem will be read live on KWNK 97.7FM on Wednesday 2/14 at Noon and again at 6 pm.

A reminder, that art and poetry are subjective. Our staff and volunteers are excited to create these poems for you and your close ones. All donations directly support The Holland Project and KWNK.