Scene Report: Photography from Reno’s DIY Music Scene

The exhibition SCENE REPORT, on view at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and organized by The Holland Project in March-April 2024, is a small selection of show photography from local artists that span generations, scenes, and venues. As a DIY all-ages venue formed seventeen years ago, we recognize the important role photographers play within a scene and subculture capturing the music alongside the community that rallies to “get to the gig” in a basement, in a warehouse, at Holland, etc. Many of the photographers on view grew up within the Reno punk scene from a young age, encouraged and mentored by an intergenerational and passionate group of artists and music lovers. Holland is incredibly grateful to look back upon years of shows and an archive only made possible by dedicated photographers like those showcased here. It is truly a gift to see our roots, people, and favorite bands that may no longer be around, and to relive the moment too.

Artists included in the exhibition: Chris Carnel, Trevor Castillo, Hannah Clover, Rachel Dickson, Alek Henricksen, Metal Jeff, John L’Etoile, Jesse Lopez, JJ Mazzoucotelli, Luke Merlino, Erin Miller, Brandon Nguyen, Aden Oster, Ana Perez-McKay, Juan Piedra, James Sakert, Alex Vitale, Marjorie Williams, and Christopher Young.

Holland Project asked each artist to submit up to twenty photographs to be submitted to the exhibition. Due to limited space and content restrictions at the gallery, not all of the photos could be displayed. To see all the images, check out our slideshow linked below.



Even after the venues are shuttered and razed and you and half your friends have moved away, holding the photos in your hands brings it all back. They remind you that you can sniff out that kind of trouble all over again, that it’s all there somewhere if you still want it. Just ask a punk. – Erin Miller