Surf’s Up

We’re proud to bring you the Holland Project’s signature program on KWNK 97.7FM Community Radio, Surf’s Up! Programs are airing on KWNK 97.7FM on the radio dial, or to stream. You can also follow #hpsurfsup on Instagram for the program announcements, air dates, and which special guests are on deck!

Additionally, within a few days of airing, all programs are uploaded in their entirety on the KWNK Mixcloud, where you can relive the magic or listen for the first time!

So far, Surf’s Up: Special Guest Edition has included shows from:

Clark Demeritt (Clarko)
Justin Gallego (Dreamdecay)
Mark Glick (AJJ)
Cody Blanchard (Shannon and the Clams)
Evynn Tyler
Jawsh Hageman
Krusty Wheatfield
Fine Motor
Alberto Garcia
Jacob Rubek (Surf Curse)
Brandon Williams (Chastity)
Erin Miller (Surly)
Sarah Greenwell (GYMSHORTS)
Ryan Stark
Justus Proffit
Chaz Costello
(Choir Boy, Sculpture Club, Fossil Arms) – Playlist Companion
Joey DeFrancesco (La Neve, Downtown Boys)
James Rogers (Fearing)
Van Pham
Alz (awakebutstillinbed)
Max Freeland (Pardoner)
Precious Child
Jasmine Brazelton
Shelly Rose
(Yucky Bangs)
Lauren Rodriguez
Marcos Mena
Brigdon Markward 
Maison Chagall
(Nicos’s Mystery / Greg Lewis)
Tyler Bray
Sunday Sasser (Matching Jackets)
Ty Williams
Cameron Sax (Rob Ford Explorer)
Audrey Broughton
HT Macdiarmid
Dog Party
Andrew Bailey (Ummm Jr.)
Morgan Travis
Nathan Lachner (Blackstallion)
Miwah Lee
Ruby Barrientos
Nick Meza
Alana Berglund
Joey Stout (Plain Oatmeal)
Sophia Pierce (Shit Metaphor)
Brond (Just Friends)
Cesar Piedra
Heartless Wilderness

Watson Meyer (Pry)
Dale (Dale)
Samuelito Cruz (Toner, Tony Molina)
Tyler Broderick (Diners)
Nicholas Minor (Video World)
Victoria Almanzan (Stirr Lightly)
Julian Jacobs (Spitting Image)
Daniel Salas (Versing)
Arleen Nebeker 
Mike Park (Asian Man Records)
Alex Haller (Regional Justice Center)

* Click to listen to the single episode, or check out the Surf’s Up Mixcloud to see em all!