Art Patrons

 +  A R T  P A T R O N S  P R O G R A M  +

Art Patrons is a response to a pressing problem—something, as artists, producers, arts organizations, and supporters, we have long heard and talked about, but never addressed in a cohesive, serious way. Now we hope to change that.

Our community is home to some incredible emerging artists. These artists represent nearly every genre and medium, from all age groups, with passions and interests that encompass different emotions, topics, and themes. They are incredibly prolific—they work year-round to create work. While in some ways, these artists feel supported, it’s becoming more clear that if artists want to work and live in Reno (as artists), that we need to inspire a community to better support them. Currently, there are few artists that can make their living as artists—and this is the problem.

Galleries, local foundations, our City and State governments, and some incredible individuals have stepped up to support the making or creation of art—and this is a wonderful and important thing. The next step is creating an economy that values the work made. Rallying our community to complete the circle by not just lending support to the creation and viewing of the work, but by the purchasing and collecting of work by emerging and local artists. Here’s where you come in.

ART PATRONS is an opt-in collective in which you, as a member, agree to purchase a minimum of $200 worth of artwork annually (ideally from local or emerging artists!).

When you decide to become a member, we’ll shoot you a quick email or phone call to chat about your interests—what kind of work do you like or are drawn to, do you like certain mediums more than others, do you have favorite artists, are you looking for work to fill a specific space or need (like your house or office, or as a gift for someone), do you like big work or small, are there colors/styles/themes you hate/love, etc. We’ll gather some basic information from you, and log it away. Over the year, as each of the galleries and art spaces curate exhibits and work with artists, we’ll keep your notes in mind. When we think there’s a show or artist you might be particularly interested in—we’ll make sure you know!

If you’ve never been to the Holland Project we always welcome you to stop by and see what we’re up to. You are also encouraged to explore the galleries and spaces on your own—to check out the work and become inspired by what’s being created. When you see work you like (either through our suggestions or from what you’ve discovered on your own), YOU BUY IT.

We want to show artists that Reno can be a viable place for art-making and for artists, and that we value them and the work they create.

It’s a win-win. Artists win by being able to get closer to truly making a living as an artist and having their work valued in a real way; patrons win by being able to support the local arts economy AND display or own incredible one-of-a-kind pieces and build their collections; and our community wins by showing that Reno ACTUALLY supports its artists—wholeheartedly—thus, closing the gap in the circle, and allowing artists to create more, do more, and add more to our cultural landscape.

As a Member

  • You pledge to purchase $200 worth of artwork from participating galleries/art spaces per year
  • You will receive invites, updates, and information on artists, exhibits, and work that we feel you might be interested in throughout the year
  • Your membership can be as big or little as you like—you can do special studio tours, meet w/ artists, attend receptions, receive invites to special events, talks/forums, and pre-exhibit tours – or – you can simply attend one or two exhibits (or ask us to send you photos and specs of work via email) and find something you like! We want the experience to be an awesome and easy one, and we’ll follow your lead.
  • Invitation to a special reception event each year for all members, to thank you for your support and dedication.
  • Listing on our page as an Art Patron
  • Special member packet and thank you

Become a Member

For more information or to sign up, email, or call Alisha or Britt at 775.742.1858.