Local Music Pick: Brainfoot

In a new series, we’ll be hearing from a different person every month, reflecting on Reno music projects, current or not so current, and what makes them special and personally important to them.

Clark Demerrit on Brainfoot

“My name is Clark Demeritt and I love Brainfoot! Brainfoot was active only 2006-2007 (maybe even shorter) and they absolutely ruled. Combining the powers of three Joshes (Haggeman, Koberstein, and Hardy) and a Morgan (Travis), they played rocking post-hardcore mixed with death rock, think Nation of Ulysses meets Christian Death. Josh, guitar, would alternate between minor chord progression and intricate spidery guitar riffs. Josh, bass, would play perfectly complimenting bass lines, never to much, but also not just following the guitar. Jawsh, drums, would slay those mothers, keeping it moving with killer fills. Morgan, vocals, will always be my favorite frontman, he loved to be the center of attention, but his stage presence never felt contrived.
They were a perfect live band and one of the first bands I saw at a house show. By their second show at Holland they already had spray painted t-shirts (I own two thanks to a thrift store find) and a demo! At one of their last shows they hatched the idea to collect signatures to become a church, so their shows couldn’t get shutdown. They only had a handful of shows but each one was special. Like all the best Reno bands they broke up in a flurry of bad communication and hurt feelings, but their impact on me has never faded. Both musically and socially they welcomed me into the Reno music scene. Over the years each member would become some of my best friends and how wouldn’t that make them one of my favorite bands ever.”