Homebodies no. 22 – Francine Burge

Homebodies no. 22 – Francine Burge

Homebodies explores the personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. We are now one year into this blog series (our first post was on April 20, 2020!) and it’s been such a pleasure to peek into everyone’s homes, discover each unique and personal style, and even see what pieces many longtime community members have in common. This week, we’re excited to enter the second year of Homebodies and hear from our friend Francine Burge, local artist and a Special Event Supervisor for City of Sparks who works closely with regional artists and helps to create new opportunities for arts in our shared public space.

I have enjoyed the Homebodies series on the Holland blog. The changes in our lives due to Covid have been jarring. One thing I miss is dinner parties. There is nothing like going to visit a friend and enjoying their home over food and wine. After a full year of WFH, I’ve grown quite tired of the same 3 pairs of yoga pants and the houses I pass by on my daily neighborhood walk, but I’ve not gotten bored by our home. It’s cozy and perfectly reflects our style. So, c’mon in!” – Francine Burge

Living Room Gallery
1. (From Left) Katherine Case, Emerald Bay, purchased at Sierra Arts. Beside it is my piece I made playing with ink and Yupo paper. I love seeing in the Homebodies series that many people also have this Megan Berner buffalo print (top center). I am a fan of her artwork; she is also a great colleague and resource. Below Megan’s print is an image transfer I made of a photo of a Calder sculpture at SFMOMA. Next is a Neko Case tour poster. Peter and I saw her on our honeymoon at SXSW, her music will forever be a part of our story. Next is a mixed media piece of mine with quilled NYT pages. Below is a “ticket” I received from the artist Michelle Lassaline. She hand-painted these tickets on delicate rice paper for a Dave Eggers lecture at NMA. I held it gently on my lap so I could frame it later. This photo also shows some of my collection of antique radios and Peter’s collection of art books.

2. Erik Burke’s Left Brain, Right Brain. This was the first piece that Peter and I bought together. We bought it at a show at NMA in 2004 or 2005. We got married at NMA, so it’s another memory. I am currently working with Erik on a public art project in Sparks.  

3. Frank Eckmair, Estate. This woodcut hung in my family’s home as I was a child. My mom bought it for $25 (it’s written on the back) in the early 1970s at the Anderson Art Museum in Indiana. I thank the stars that mom gave me an appreciation for art, dance, and music.

4. I bought this Kris Vagner pinhole photo at her 2nd Street gallery as it was closing; it is a bittersweet piece.

Office and Studio
5. This painting is from Jake Johnson’s early work. He was 3 and he’s my nephew. On the bottom shelf, you can see one of my “celebration” hats. I made a set of these for my parents’ 75th and 80th birthday party, made from old underwear, bread-ties, keys, and other found objects. They are on hand for special occasions. Note another radio. This one is tuned to KWNK or KUNR for inspiration.

6. This is my worktable with a view of bird feeders and daily walkers. The tubes are handmade quilling tools I made for my current project. Stay tuned for that.

7. My uncle was a Catholic priest in Japan for 65 years. He sent the best gifts like this screenprint on silk by the beloved Japanese artist Keisuke Serizawa (1895-1981). I also want to mention these great vintage lamps I got at The Nest.

8. In the late 90s, I fell in love with Greg Allen’s Prima Donna when it hung at the Blue Lamp on Third Street. Over dirty martinis, I pledged one day to own one. Greg was generous enough to oblige when I finally had the money to commission one for me.

9. This room was re-done during pandemic and includes this cool wallpaper with artwork by Cecilia Mok.

10. Mahedi Anjuman, I’m a Golden Bird, and David Tilley, Future Tense, works recently purchased from a Holland Project ALL IN sale in 2019.