Event Dates: March 30–April 24, 2015
Deadline Extended to: Monday, March 23, 2015

ABOUT: The Holland Project Micro Gallery is searching for artwork submissions to be included in a conceptual group show that explores the definition of “wealth.” The exhibition will run March 30–April 24, 2015, with an opening reception on Friday, April 3 from 6-8PM.

THE CONCEPT: The American Dream is a prominent theme in the United States. It promises monetary wealth through hard work and dedication, but is that the only type of wealth worth searching for? Henry Thoreau once wrote, “wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” In this show, we’d like to see how different artists envision and interpret wealth and what makes a person wealthy. This exhibit aims to be an embodiment and exploration of the many different concepts of “wealth.”

THE VENUE: The Holland Project Micro Gallery is located inside Bibo Coffee Company at 945 Record St., Reno. This unique art space allows the Gallery Associate to curate shows by local and out-of-town artists, creating an exhibition space for those emerging and developing within the arts.

REQUIREMENTS: Submit any number of works that incorporate the theme of “wealth” and how you understand it. No need to limit your perception to standard definitions of cultural, social, or economic wealth, as our goal is to gather a wide variety of visual expressions of wealth from artists in the community. All works must be ready to hang, and art of all mediums are acceptable. If you are submitting a 3-D work, make sure that it can be hung on the wall without causing a disturbance to Bibo patrons attempting to enjoy a cup of coffee.

SALES: Artwork sales are encouraged and the Holland Project will retain a 20% commission from the retail price provided by the artist. If you do not wish to sell your art, it will be listed as NFS.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Submissions will only be accepted via e-mail. Take a photo of your art and email it to for approval by March 23th. Artists are encouraged to submit as many original works of art as they please; we hope to have a wealthy number of pieces to be hung at the exhibition. Be sure to include the following information:

Your Name

Telephone #

E-mail Address

For each piece: Title, Year, Medium, Size, and at least one sentence to explain your interpretation.

ACCEPTED PIECES: Artists will be notified about selected pieces between March 24-29th. All accepted pieces should be ready to install and delivered to the Holland Project (140 Vesta Street, Reno) on March 26th or 27th during gallery hours, 3-6PM. Pieces received outside of this timeframe may not be exhibited. All works must remain on display for the entire exhibition from March 30 – April 24, 2015.

For more information, email Sierra or Emily at or visit

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